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Ottawa Tax Services | Ottawa, ON | Cheque Mates Payroll & Tax Services

Posted on: November 13th, 2013 by Chequemates

Ottawa Tax Services | Get Maximized Return on Your Taxes with Affordable & Personalized Services | (613) 800-3128

Are you looking for Ottawa tax services? You must be wondering and maybe worried if there’s anything that you could have missed on your taxes that could get you more in terms of refund? Perhaps you’re looking for someone to help you with sorting out your taxes, making sure that you receive the full refund that you deserve. Services that make sure that you will take all the advantages of income deductions that you possibly can.

Ottawa Tax Services | Ottawa, ON

Ottawa Tax Services | Ottawa, ON

At Cheque Mates Payroll & Tax Services, we dedicate ourselves to giving you personalized services. We are determined to receive all the information possible on your transactions, whether you are looking for taxes services for yourself or for you company. We make sure to ask you questions on transactions that you perhaps might have missed. This way we make sure to maximize your refund. We also help you find income tax deductions that you might be qualified for. By using Cheque Mates Payroll & Tax Services, we make sure to save you on your time, save you your money that you’ve worked so hard for, lower your liabilities and help you reduce your stress by leaving the work for us to do for you.

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Imagine being able to let a trusted tax auditor take care of all your tax problems with exceptional service and at affordable, competitive prices. Imagine letting go of all your stress and anxieties about taxes and having a tax expert give you personalized, timely and accurate tax services. One who will make sure that you receive the maximum possible refund and looks for all the possible income tax deductions that you are qualified for.

Call Cheque Mates Payroll & Tax Services at (613) 800-3128 today to receive more information or to book a FREE Consultation with a tax auditor in Ottawa, ON.

Cheque Mates Payroll & Tax Services
6B-1910 St. Laurent Blvd
Ottawa, ON K1G 1A4
Phone: (613) 800-3128

Cheque Mates Payroll & Tax Services

  • Income Tax Services

  • Small Business Tax

  • Canada Tax Return

  • File Income Tax

  • Income Tax Filing

  • Ottawa Tax Services

To get Ottawa Tax Services with local tax auditors, please call (613) 800-3128.

How To Find The Best Payroll Services In Ottawa, ON

Posted on: August 9th, 2013 by Chequemates

Trust Cheque Mates for all your payroll services needs

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Payroll Services in Ottawa, ON.

Best Payroll Services in Ottawa ON

In today’s constantly changing and shifting world, businesses need to stay vigilant and make no errors in order to be successful. When businesses handle their own payroll, mistakes can often be made when trying to balance the books. Not only are these errors costly, but doing the work takes valuable time and effort that could be better spent actually making money instead of figuring out how much money you have to give away. If you hire the best payroll service providers in Ottawa, you can be sure your books will be accurate, and that your time can be better spent on growing your company.

However, it can be difficult to find business payroll service providers that are reliable, friendly, insured, and that offer affordable prices. When looking for your ideal provider, you need to think about your company’s needs, as they can be very different from others, and can change the payroll service provider that would be best for you.

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Firstly, why do you want to outsource your payroll processes? Is it to lower labour costs, to ensure more accurate bookkeeping, to increase predictability, to maximize productivity, or to save yourself more valuable time? Next, what are the most important characteristics you are looking for in a provider? Affordable costs/charges, quick service and turnaround, long warranties and guarantees, friendly professionals, insured and bonded professionals, online payroll services, or a high level of customer-service? Lastly, does your company have any unusual payroll needs such as union workers, or employees that receive tips from customers? If so, you need to make sure your payroll processing service provider has experience with that in the past.

Once you have figured out all of your payroll processing service needs, you can find your perfect payroll match. You can search online, use personal references, or look in the yellow pages. However, it can take a lot of time and effort to narrow down your results, and it does not always result in you finding the best payroll service provider possible.

 Save time & money by booking your free Payroll Consultation. Click Here

At Cheque Mates Payroll and Tax Solutions, we will provide you with the best payroll professional that has been pre-screened for you, and is insured and bonded. We will ensure that you have a payroll service provider that fits with all your personal needs. You can relieve all the stress of making payroll mistakes when you trust us with your payroll solutions.

We provide trusted professionals, affordable pricing, and personalized service. Give us a call at (613)-800-3128 or visit our website here to get more information!

Cheque Mates Payroll and Tax Solutions
6B-1910 St. Laurent Blvd
Ottawa, ON K1G 1A4
(613) 800-3128

Cheque Mates Payroll and Tax Solutions helps businesses that are looking for payroll services in Ottawa to find pre-screened and insured payroll service providers quickly and easily through our Free, 24/7 local referral system. Save Time, Buy Local, Get Insured.

Services We Provide

  • Payroll Services
  • Ottawa Tax Return Filing
  • Payroll solutions for small and medium sized businesses
  • Personal Tax Services, family tax services and small unincorporated business tax
  • Canadian payroll systems that save you time & money
  • Use the Government Remittances, T4 & ROE Processing Specialists
  • Accurate Wage Processing & Payroll Tax Reconciliations

Trust your local payroll services experts, Cheque Mates Payroll and Tax Solutions, and get back to spending your time on making money, instead of counting it.

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Canadian Payroll Association

Posted on: June 1st, 2013 by Chequemates

We are members of the Canadian Payroll Association.

Cheque Mates payroll and tax solutions is a proud member of the The Canadian Payroll Association (CPA).

“The Canadian Payroll Association (CPA) is the national association that has been representing employer payroll interests in Canada since 1978. The CPA is influential, affecting payroll legislative policies and practices in hundreds of thousands of small, medium and large employers, and payroll service and software providers.”

The Canadian Payroll Association

The Canadian Payroll Association