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Bookkeeping services in Ottawa, ON

Feeling overwhelmed with small business bookkeeping; reduce stress & save money with bookkeeping services in Ottawa, ON.

Bookkeeping Services in Ottawa ON

Reduce your stress, save money, and save time handling receipts, bills, invoices, HST, GST, and all the paperwork your trusted local bookkeeper at Cheque Mates will happily do for you.

Why choose bookkeeping services in Ottawa by Cheque Mates

  • We reduce your stress and save you money – Guaranteed
  • Reliable & punctual bookkeepers
  • Affordable small business bookkeeping fees
  • On site services available
  • Simple bookkeeping solutions
  • Over 4000 clients in Ottawa served

Bookkeeping Services in Ottawa by Cheque Mates

Cheque Mates provides professional bookkeeping services to small business owners, local shops in Ottawa, as well as many small to medium sized contractors and construction companies. Our bookkeepers specialize in small business bookkeeping. Trust your local bookkeeping company for the most affordable and reliable bookkeeping Ottawa has to offer. Don’t get stuck with a shoebox for all your accounting and bookkeeping. Don’t overpay for a CPA or an accountant to do what your bookkeeper can do for much more affordable rates. Our reliable bookkeepers use industry leading bookkeeping software and can handle your basic bookkeeping needs, from showing you how to do bookkeeping to providing full bookkeeping services Ottawa business owners rely on. We can help you get on an easy to follow bookkeeping program that is easy to follow and is a great fit to handle all the details required with bookkeeping for small business owners. We are proud to be an Ottawa bookkeeping business that reduces your stress and saves you money. Stop shoebox bookkeeping and get a virtual bookkeeping professional to help you with bookkeeping services for your small business. We can help explain simply the bookkeeping 101 and bookkeeping essentials and give you bookkeeping tips on how to save money and save time so you can focus on your business. Trust your local bookkeepers in Ottawa to solve your bookkeeping problems.


Bookkeeping services | Free phone consultation, Call 613 800-3128

  • Posting receipts and bills
  • Posting revenue
  • Invoicing
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Account reconciliation including bank, credit card
  • Prepare and cut cheques
  • Government tax remittance preparation including: HST, PST, WSIB, EHT and payroll
  • Monthly financial reports are prepared and reviewed by an experienced accountant


Bookkeeping for small businesses video. Watch to learn bookkeeping tips.

We are confident that you will be happy with our bookkeeping services in Ottawa ON. Trust your local bookkeepers to save you time and money. Call Cheque Mates for bookkeeping at 613 800-3128


Contact us for small business bookkeeping services in Ottawa

Cheque Mates Payroll and Tax Solutions
6B-1910 St. Laurent Blvd
Ottawa, ON K1G 1A4
613 800-3128


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 To buy bookkeeping services in Ottawa ON, Call Cheque Mates at (613) 800-3128

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